CV3100 Universal Vector frequency Inverter
CV3100  Universal Vector frequency Inverter
CV3100  Universal Vector frequency Inverter
CV3100 Universal Vector frequency Inverter
Power range:
CV3100 0.75~2.2kW/AC220V
CV3100 0.75~630kW/AC380V

Excellent performance

Optimized space voltage vector control algorithm:150% starting torque output at 0.5Hz

Abundant Functions and Flexible Configuration

Built-in PID , Multi-speed( 8 stages speed at most) ;Simple PLC

High speed Impulse input and output function

With built-in braking unit including and below 18.5kw, built-in standard MODBUS communication protocol.

Optional double analog (AO) output,LCD keyboard display , LCD keyboard upload and download.

Excellent adaptability

All boards with “Comprehensive anti-corrosion paint” spraying protection to improve frequency inverter humidity-proof,dust-proof and Oil-proof capacity
Rich protect functions satisfy different environment adaptability, such as over voltage, under voltage, input phase-loss, overload, overheat, over current and etc.

Product Application

Be applied to petrochemical industry,  papermaking, plastics machines, ceramic machines,textile machines,printing and dyeing machines,packaging machines,cable-making machines,Mining machinery, petrochemical, Municipal project, water treatment, environment equipment, fans and pump and etc many kinds of industries. 


Standard Specification


Rated voltage and frequency

Single Phase 220V、Three Phase 380V;50Hz/60Hz

Grid range

Voltage: -20%~+20% Voltage unbalance rate:<3


Rated voltage


Frequency range


Modulation mode

Optimized spaced voltage vector PWM

Main control functions

Control mode

Sensor-less vector control,V/F control

Frequency accuracy Digital set: max frequency×±0.01%;Analog set:max frequency*0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital set: 0.01Hz; Analog set:max frequency×0.1%

V/F Curve

Linear V/F curve、Square V/F curve、Customized V/F curve

Built-in PID

Convenient to form close-loop control system,apply to pressure and flow control

Multi-speed Operation

Realize 8 stages speed operation by built-in PLC or terminal combination

Torque Feature

150% output of torque at 1Hz,Speed stabilization accuracy 0.1%

Running function

Auto energy-saving running According to load condition,VIF curve can be optimized automatically to get the aim of energy-saving running.
Auto current limiting Limit in-service current automatically, so as to avoid tripping for fault caused by frequent over current.
Torsion characteristic 150% output of torque at 1Hz, rev accuracy: 0.1%
Motor parameters automatic read Reading the parameters from motor when completely stop in order to achieve optimal controlling effect.
Running command passage Setting of operating manual; setting of control terminal; setting of serial port; switching by three ways.
Frequency setting passage Setting of keyboard analog potentiometer, setting of keyboard ▲ ,keys; setting of functional code digits; setting of serialport, setting of terminal UP/DOWN, setting of analog voltage, setting of analog cuent ; setting of impulse, setting of combination; switching at any time by kinds of setting ways.
Switch input passage Forward/reverse rotating command,6-way programmable switching value input to set 30 functions.
Analog input passage 2-way analog signal input,0-~20mA,0~10v optional.

Analog output passage

Switch output passage

Analog signal output 0~10V、0~20mA to get output of physical quantity like frequency and output frequency

Sensor-less Vector

Motor ParametersAuto

Automatic read the motor parameters when the motor is perfectly still , to obtain thebest control effect.
Running Command Operation panel given;Control terminal given;Serial port given;3 ways can switch
Operation Function

Frequency Setting

Keyboard potentiometer setting ; digital setting;Serial port setting;TerminalUP/DOWN,Analog signal setting,Combination given
Switch Input Forward/reverse command,6-way programmable switching value input to set30functions
Analog Input 2-way analog signal input,0~20mA、0~10V optional
Analog Output 1-way analog output 0~~10V、0~20mA optional
Switching Output 3-way programmable open collector output;1-way relay out output signal
Operate Panel

LED Digital Display

Display output frequency、output voltage、output current and so on
Protection Function

Over-current protection,Over-voltage protection,Low-voltage protection Over-load prtection,Over-heat protection


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