GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
GT200 High performance system type frequency inverter
Power range:
Single-phase 220V: 0.75KW~2.2KW
Three-phase 380V: 0.75KW~850KW

Excellent performance

Speed Stable Precision:+/-0.5% rated synchronous speed(SVC)
Speed Adjustment Range: 1:100(SVC)
Torque Response:<20ms (SVC)
Heavy Load Overload Capacity: 110% rated stable operation,150% rated load 1min,180% rated load 3s
Low frequency large torque, under the open-loop vector model,can realise 0.5Hz loading (150% rated load) stable operation.
The drive can keep enough torque output capacity and no trip to run when there is instant mutation load.
Auto Current Limiting: Motor current can be controlled at a certain level does not affect the output torque.
Can accurately identify the motor parameters, realise high performance vector control.
Can realise static self-learning,dynamic self-learning, and adapt to different working condition requirement.
Can realise motor parameters accurate setting under the condition of long cable.

Rich and Comprehensive Application Function

Flexible Multi-stage V/F Curve;Multi-stage speed Control;Sample PLC application;Standard RS485 Communication
The Selection of Frequency Source And Command Source;Frequency Binding and Switching;Frequency master and auxiliary;
Pulse frequency input and output
Built-in PI control;Preset for closed-loop;Zero frequency difference ;
Swing frequency operation;Fixed length control;Speed tracking;Droop control;Instant stop non-stop;Automatic energy-saving operation;Multiple protection and overload warning
Built-in braking unit below 22kw;Strong Expandability 

Excellent adaptability

Working voltage range: Rated voltage 380-440V; through the automatic voltage regulation technology (AVR), the long-term low
Analog output terminal:2-10V/ 0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA optional, output physical quantity optional, convenient for connecting external instrument.
Operating time automatically accumulated: set the time to issue instructions to facilitate the maintenance of equipment maintenance.
User password settings: the user's parameters can be kept secret to prevent unauthorized personnel modify parameters.
Built in braking unit: Below 22kw no external braking unit needed, reduce the cost of the customer system.
Strong Expandability : Reserved 2pcs Expansion card position, can connect to I/O Expansion card,communication expansion card and other process expansion card(Such as air compressor adapter card, water-supply card, plastic injection card and etc), or customized cards according to user’s demand. 
Dustproof design: Comprehensive anti-corrosion paint spraying protection, independent air duct design, dust accessories optional to increase overall defensive capabilities, to meet the long-term reliable operation of high humidity or excessive dust occasions.
Easily replaceable fan: Don’t need to disassemble to realize quick replacement of fan, adapt to the special environment of wind machine, adapt to special occasions which need regular cleaning air duct debris.

Category Terminal Label Name Terminal function description Specification
Communication 485+ RS485 communication
RS485 differential signal positive terminal Standard RS485 Communication portUse twisted pair or shielded wire
485- RS485 differential signal negative terminal
Multifunctional output terminal
DO1 Open collector output terminal Programmable definition for a variety of functions ofthe output terminal, see the terminal function parameters F6.11,F6.12 output terminal function,can be extended DO3 open collector output terminal

Optocoupler isolated output;

Working voltage range 9-30V;

Maximum output current: 50mA

DO2 Open collector pulse output terminal

Working voltage range 9-30V;

Maximum output current: 50mA;

Maximum output frequency:.50KHz(Due to F6.20)

Analog lnput AI1/AI2 Analog input AI2 Accept analog current,voltage input, can beselected by the functional code (Reference: GND)can be extended to Al3,support PT100/PT1000differential input

Input voltage range:0-10V(Input impedance100KQInput current range:0-20mA(Input impedance:165Q)Resolution:1/1000

Analo Output AO Analog output To provide analog voltage,current output,through the functional code selection, can becornTesponding to 12 kinds of physical quantities, the factory default output frequency,can be extended Ao2 (see parameters
F6.24/F6.25 function description)

Voltage output range: 0~10V

Current output range: 0~20mA

Multifunctional input terminal DI1 Multifunctional input terminal 1

Programmable logic is defined as a variety offunctions of the switch input terminals,see the sixthchapter terminal function parameters (input andoutput) input terminal function. (common: PLC)(seeparameter function F6.00-F6.04 description) can beextended DI6-DH10

Optical coupler isolated output

Input impedance:3.3KQ

Maximum input frequency.200Hz

Input voltage range:DC9-30v

DI2 Multifunctional input terminal 2
DI3 Multifunctional input terminal 3
DI4 Multifunctional input terminal 4
DI5 Multifunctional input terminal 5
Power supply 10V +10V power supply External supply 10V power supply Maximum output current: 50mA.
GND +10V power supply common terminal Reference ground for analog signal and 10V power supply COM andGND are internal separatedby each other.
COM +24V power supply common terminal Reference ground for analog signal and 10V power supply
+24V +24V common terminal Digital signal input and output common terminal Maximum output current:.200mA
PLC Multifunctional input common terminal Digital signal power supply Ex factory short connection with 24V
CME Digital output common terminal multifunctional output terminal DO1 common terminal Ex factory short connection with COM
Overall dimension
Series Power Overall dimension(Unit:MM) lnstallation dimension(Unit:MM) Aperture Remark
KW W H D W1 H1 R  
MINI-S(220V) 0.75-1.5 85 155 122 74 144 2.5  
MINI-L(220V) 0.75-1.5 98 175 152 89 166 2.5  
MINI-L(380V) 0.75-2.2


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