Warranty Agreement

Warranty Agreement


1. Warranty scope only includes the frequency inverter body.
2. For normal use, the drives fail or be damaged within 18 months, the company is responsible for the warranty; more than 18 months, will charge a reasonable maintenance costs.
3. Warranty period starting time is the date of manufacture.
4. Within 18 months, some maintenance fees should be charged in the following situations:
Do not follow the operating manual steps to cause the damage to the inverter。
Damaging the inverter because of fires, water, abnormal voltage and etc.
Wiring error causes the damage to the drive.
Damaging the inverter because of using non-normal functions .
5. Related services fees are according to the actual costs. If the fees are written in the contract , the contract prevails.
6. Please keep this card and show it to the maintenance supporter when the frequency inverter is repaired
7. If the problems happen, please contact directly with the supplier, or with our company.


Drive warranty.