Running shows overcurrent fault

Running shows overcurrent fault

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  • Time of issue: 2020-08-25 14:37:11
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1. Confirm which of acceleration, deceleration and constant speed overcurrent belong to the scene;
2. Check whether the load is abnormal or sudden;
3. Check whether there is any short circuit, open circuit or damage to the motor cable insulation in the motor cable;
4. Check whether the AC input power voltage is within the power supply voltage working range allowed by the inverter product technical specifications, or whether the grid voltage is stable;
5. Check on-site wiring, signal wires and power wires should be wired separately;
6. Confirm whether the motor wire is connected to the U, V, W terminals of the inverter;
7. Check whether the acceleration and deceleration time is too short;
8. Check whether the V/F curve and manual torque boost value are appropriate;
9. Check whether the power of the inverter matches the power of the motor to be driven;
10. Before starting the inverter for the second time, whether the motor is at a standstill or whether the starting method is correct;

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