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Use opportunely frequency conversion technology can realize saving reduction

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In power plant, steel flue gas desulfurization operating costs, power consumption of large part costs. Therefore, effectively reduce power consumption has become one of the flue gas desulfurization operators all heart. To this, energy-saving liuhe days melts in environmental protection technology Co., LTD, YangWei department manager have a deep feeling.

As the current domestic steel companies sintering machine flue gas desulfurization project total of the largest professional desulfurization project company, energy-saving liuhe days in environmental protection technology company in harmony raising desulphurizing efficiency of selection of equipment fluctuation full a kung fu. To dramatically increase efficiency, YangWei Suggestions in already operation and is constructing the flue gas desulfurization project in a large-scale promotion application of technology of frequency conversion, phased out baffle, valve and mechanical adjusting method.

"Frequency conversion technology to fan and pump class electricity-saving aspects of the direct and indirect economic benefit is very obvious, and the equipment is one-time investment can usually within 1 ~ 2 years relinquishment." YangWei give reporters calculate a bill to tangshan countries abundant steel Co., LTD. Of 132 m2 sintering machine flue gas desulfurization project (stage) for example, according to 300 days, every year for 15 hours of continuous operation conditions, using frequency conversion technology after calculation, 1 950kW pressurization air blower, 2 sets of circulating pump (power respectively 250kW) each year 220kW and power conservation duetoalcohol funds can be achieved respectively 125 million yuan and 60 million yuan, the actual carbon-dioxide emissions 774 and 385 tons of or so.

In this calculation method, the equipment running every day in the man-hour is set for 90% load 7 hours, frequency 46Hz calculation, baffle regulating by motor power according to 98% when computation; Run in 50% load the man-hour is set for eight hours, according to calculation, 20Hz frequency during adjustment according to the motor power baffle 70% calculation.

The existing practice proved that the inverter used for fan, pumps, the device driver control has made notable saving effect, also can reduce equipment maintenance, maintenance cost, reduce shut-down cycle. YangWei tells a reporter, if the company currently operation six power plant and the steel mill desulfurization project USES frequency conversion technology, will save electricity costs about 1129.26 yuan, carbon-dioxide emissions about 6941.64 tons.

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