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Easydrive Electric in China top ten brand of low voltage converter

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 Warmly celebrate shenzhen easy flooding frequency conversion technology Co., LTD in 2010 in May 7th inverter industry entrepreneurs BBS and annual selection in the inverter industry "low voltage converter domestic one of the ten famous brands" the honorable title. In this easy drive company thanks everybody industry friends and the old and new customers to easy flooding the support and love, easy drive company will braved the aura as before to national inverter industry development dedicate a force is flooding, while yi flooding will unswervingly full will easily flooding brand development for Chinese inverter industry brand production and service manufacturer, to be easily flooding development become outstanding g-kong industry system integration suppliers.


Links: celebrate easy drive company in 2010 ", in February 2009 year China automation nets annual selection "awarded inverter industry" contrary feiyang award ", the award proved 2009 under the influence of the financial crisis, easy drive company in the efforts of all staff and large new old customer of support, the company has achieved great success.

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