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Creating "professional sales managers" training,,Developing the Easydrive professional sales elite team

Number of visits: Date:2011-07-21

The Chinese automation market competition is more fierce day by day, how to stand out from so many automatic brand, especially building a professional sales elite team is very important.
Easydrive has always attached importance to the staffs'training and development, especially to the technical talents in professional sales! In July 11-12, Easydrive invited the  training instructors DingXingLiang the builder of the  industry marketing brand to provide two days of lively and practical professional training for our national sales in Easydrive's headquarters.

DingXingLiang the invited lecturer give us the detailed analysis and classic case sharing and lead the industry  on how to establish electrical automation industry new relationship marketing, larger project control magic weapon, the key to develop the market marketing, and customer relationship maintenance .Easydrive's sales can benefit for the customer demand after this professional training,at the same time,to the potential market, competition ability, financial returns, risk aversion, customer value and so on ,Easydrive's sales have a clearer understanding of and planning. Throughout the actual combat experience from many industries and in many interaction, this training make national sales feel that it was an entirely new to enhance the ability training!For the Easydrive ,this training laid a solid foundation on how to develop successfully marketing market in so many competitors.

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