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Frequency conversion motor again lead market focus

Number of visits: Date:2010-12-01

The 30th anniversary of reform and opening-up, China's economy have developed rapidly. Meanwhile, inverter, servo industry also experienced gold development period, Chinese inverter market overall market size has more than 160 million yuan RMB. Domestic inverter manufacturing enterprise market share will be increased, is expected to 2011 years market share at about 40 per cent.

With plastic machinery, machine tool industry such as rapid development, the dosage of servo products, especially in east China with increase in south China the growth of small and medium-sized OEM customers, also contributed to the servo product market growth. In the next 3-5 years, servo will maintain the stable growth, as users on servo products to deepen understanding, mechanical equipment control of speed, accuracy, flexibility of ascension that servo products will be gradually developed into as PLC and inverter as mature automation products.

Forthcoming 2011 jan 11 "yi displacement transducer, servo launch" will a systematic introduction easy flooding ED3800 series high current vector model converter performance and classic industry application examples, YiWei graph (easy drive its son brand) W series/V is servo system performance and classic industry application example. Believe that these will become the driving and automation in another important milestone.

Then, you will be personally experience more cost-effective and easy to flooding, high-performance products and site with experts and engineers communication, according to your requirements for your customized solutions.


Here we invite you to attend the event!


Launch issue:

L inverter, servo prospects for development and the market share analysis

L ED3800 inverter products easily flooding and examples of application is introduced

L YiWei figure servo product and application examples are introduced

L easy flooding development mileage


Activity theme: easy displacement transducer, servo launch shenzhen station

Activity time: 2011, jan. 11 (will) from 17:00 -

Venue: shenzhen mediator international hotel (shenzhen LongHuaDong ring 2)

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