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Application of the Inverter on the oil pumping unit

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The application of inverter on the oil pumping unit

Process requirements:
Working process of oil pumping unit:motor drives reducer,reducer drives pulley ,pulley drives two heavy steel_sliders rotation and reciprocation,depending on the lever put the oil holder up and down,so bring the oil out the ground into the oil pipeline or the oil tank to complete the oil pumping.

System scheme:
According to the altermating load charactor of the pumping unit and the actual situation of oil wells,,operate the oil weill working parameters and working way,though operationalprocessor,frequency convertor adjust the oil well working system ,change the oil-pumping's stroke frequency,and transit stablly between the stroke top and bottom.Inverter itself has various protection and circuits with correspondent discharge feedback,besides fans can have automatic temperatrue control,of course can economize the corresponding energy consumption.

The frequency conversion technology practise a soft start to the oil pumping unit,reduce significantly the starting current,of course can improve the power factor,and reduce the reactive loss.

This is the application  on Liaohe Panji oil field of the chinese petroleum and natural gas corporation:
Basic wiring:
The circuit of energy saving transformation control cabinet as follows:

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