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Position: Regional Marketing Manager
Vacancy: 5-10
Working Place : Unlimited
Salary: Negotiable
Issued Time: Nov. 5th, 2010
Validity: 15 Days

1) Major in Electrical, Power Electronics Automation, Electromechanical Integration, Marketing, and related professions
2) Understand frequency inverter, PLC and servo system, and familiar with electric circuit
3) Active, careful, responsible, and love marketing
4) Have good communication skill, strong team spirit and wide knowledge
5) Long-term working abroad
6) Familiar with Word, Excel, Adobe reader and relative office software
7) The candidates with 1+ years of marketing experience in electric automation preferred.


Position: Electronic Hardware Engineer
Vacancy: 3
Working Place: Baoan District, Shenzhen
Salary: Negotiable
Published Time: Oct. 30th, 2010
Validity: 15 Days

1. Major in Power Electronics or Automation, bachelor degree or above2. 3+ years of hardware development experience (those with working experience in frequency inverter and servo industry preferred)
3. Master artificial and digital circuit, and can design basic electronic circuit independently
4. Familiar with schematic drawing of PROTEL or PADS, and LAYOUT 2-4 layers circuit board
5. Good teamwork capability

Position: International Trade Specialist
Vacancy: Unlimited
Working Place: Baoan District, Shenzhen
Salary: Negotiable
Published Time: Nov. 1st, 2010
Validity: 15 Days

1. CET-6 or above, excellent English ability in speaking and reading,  the candidates with experience of foreign trade business preferred;
2. College degree or above, 2+ years of experience in Electronic Commerce\Foreign Trade;
3. Familiar with network promotion (search engine, Email, blog forum and software promotion) and other internet promotion methods and skills;
4. Good communication skill and teamwork spirit, female or male.


 Contact: Mr. Li, Tel: 0086-0755-82264203, E-mail: