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Employment Strategy

Employment Strategy

Recruitment and Employment

We attract excellent talents by corporate culture and developing opportunities and spaces under the principle of “Impartial and Just, Open and Two-way Choice”, and take “Loyalty, Capability, Dedication” as standard. Great importance has been attached to the quality, character, education background and experience in the concept of “Appropriate Person in the Suitable Position in the Right Time” and “Treasure, Love and Cultivate Talents”. We formulate talent structure and talent echelon according to the strategic objective seriously.

Training and Development

Our company provides abundant study and training opportunities for the staff, brings training into their annual appraisal, creating a cultural atmosphere of “Must Learn, Willing to Learn and Eager to Learn”. Our company designs professional development or administrative development career paths for the staff according to our enterprise development plan and staff’s character and ability.

Our company takes institution and system as guidance, and trust as link, provides staff with more free development space and individual growth space, improves their value by their ability, and promotes enterprise development by talents, realizing “Value Reciprocity” of the enterprise and individuals.