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Business Philosophy: Human Orientation, Leading Technology, Practicality, Innovation, Steady Development, Strive to Develop National Power Electronics Industry and Improve Environment.

Quality Concept: Cautious, Conscientious, High Quality, Manufacture and Provide Qualified Products Based on All Resources

Development Concept: Honest, Innovative, Excellent. Specialize in frequency inverter technology systems and other power electronics transmission technologies for fifty years.

Service Concept: Sincere Service Forever, 24-hour Response Service, Non-stop Service Support

Marketing Concept: Brand Sharing, Common Development; Align with Business Partners; Establish Complete Marketing and Service System. We Specialize in Products and Service; Our Partners Focus on Marketing Service.

Core Values: Become an excellent supplier of system integration equipment in automation control industry.

Vision: Establish Easydrive’s market position in domestic and global industrial automation control industry with its unique brand and value orientation, and strive to become a supplier of automation system integration with international competitiveness before 2020.

Mission: Technological Innovation, Sustainable Development, Industry-based, Benefit Society, Dedicated to Continuously Creating Value for Shareholders, Employees and Business Partners, Providing Impartial Developing Opportunity and Space for the Staff, Providing Value-added Products and Service for Customers.